Overlord Tactical Mogadishu Mile Red Dot

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Named in honor of the Battle of Mogadishu, the heroic battle in which US Army Rangers first harnessed the power of red dot optics.


  • Equipped with a 40mm tube you get the perfect combination of light and field of view… it’s like having a sniper rifle on your pistol or favorite rifle!

  • Anti-glare coating on the front of your red dot ensures you can shoot with precise accuracy and lightning speed rain, snow or shine.
  • Both red and green reticles so you can nail targets day or night… it’s the perfect “all around” optic. 

  • Snug lens cap makes sure your red dot’s lenses are protected from scratching when you’re not nailing targets.

  • Rock steady screw down covers make sure your windage and elevation stay perfect during storage… it’s like having a “plug and play” optic all the time.

Take a look at what our customers are saying, including a retired Green Beret... 

"I am now using  my 'red dot' (it also goes Green with just  a knob twist AS  site condition require!) As a ret' Green  Beret Capt. I know  how to shoot! But this site really helps  speed accuracy and confidence within 150 meters..also  the price was right! All the best of luck, Libre.'"

 - Rob Baca, Retired Green Beret (Customer)


"I was skeptical when I purchased it, but it proved me wrong. No bull crap... Right out the box I was shooting the orange dot at 25 yards...

Fine tuned it a little bit and was hitting 3" groups at 100 yards. Hopefully you can post this so everyone else can read this. Thanks for a great product."

- Derek Formica (Customer)


"I'm impressed with the sight! Mounting it was easy as could be. Adjustment was simple and straightforward. Dialed mine in with a laser bore sighting tool, simple and precise!"

- Alan Rader (Customer)


"I put one on my CETME. Simple, durable, very nice sight. Provides 5 different brightness dots in each color. I prefer medium green all times of day and night. Also,   good communication with customers."
- Kent Morrison (Customer)


Check Out Rob's Review of the Mogadishu Red Dot Below: